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End of Shift

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So, as many of you know, it was announced yesterday that Anthony Bourdain took his own life.
This got me thinking, what have I done to feed my passion lately? I have not posted anything on my blog in a long time. I have fallen into a rut, just working but not working on my passion. That as of today is all going to change, I am rededicating myself to what makes me happy. I am in the process of creating a Facebook page to run alongside my blog and to advertise not only new ideas and recipes but also to showcase my new venture of teaching classes and catering small functions. So, if you are in the area where I am from, you will have the opportunity to hire me for a private class in your home or to cater your next celebration.

I go into this new chapter of my career heeding the words of Anthony Bourdain:

 “Without new ideas success can become stale.”